What is often the cause of a heart murmur

1. What are the components of the cardiovascular system? List them.

2. List two functions of the cardiovascular system.

3. Fill in the blank. Blood never leaves the blood vessels and does not exchange substances directly with cells. Rather it exchanges substances with _______ _______, which then exchanges with cells.

4. Select one choice in each parentheses. In the systemic circuit, veins take (oxygen rich/oxygen poor) blood (to/from) the heart. Also in the systemic circuit, arteries take (oxygen rich/oxygen poor) blood (to/from) the heart.

5. Select one choice in each parentheses. The (atria/ventricles) pump blood into the arteries. The (atria/ventricles) receive blood from the veins.

6. What is the purpose of the coronary arteries?

7. What is meant by the cardiac cycle?

8. What is often the cause of a heart murmur?

9. Where is the SA node located and what is its function in controlling the heartbeat?

10. What is an ECG? What does a normal ECG indicate?

11. What does your pulse rate indicate and what is considered to be the normal range of pulse rate? What is yours? (for your own information)

12. What is blood pressure? What are the 2 readings called and what do they indicate about your heart? What is considered to be a normal blood pressure?

13. Why should blood flow through capillaries be slow?

14. List two things that diffuse out of a capillary at its midpoint. List two things that diffuse into a capillary at its midpoint. List two things that are too large to leave the capillary.

15. What actions or forces allow blood to return to the heart?

16. What are the forces involved that cause the exchange of materials in the capillary system?

17. What is the difference between a thrombus, an embolus and a thromboembolism?

18. What happens to the heart that results in a heart attack?

19. What is (a) a CVA (b) what could cause it and (c) what are the consequences?

20. What is (a) an aneurysm and (b) what could cause one?

21. Why is hypertension referred to as the silent killer? What are some causes of hypertension?

22. Define (a) angina pectoris and (b) what condition is it associated with?

23. List the functions of blood.

24. Which of the formed elements of blood fights infection?

25. What molecule in the red blood cells carries oxygen and gives blood its red color?

26. Which of the following is a poisonous gas that binds hemoglobin and will not let go, thus making it difficult for RBC’s to be refreshed with oxygen in the lungs? CO (carbon monoxide) or CO2 (carbon dioxide)-Choose one.

27. What is phagocytosis? Which two types of white blood cells are active phagocytes?

28. What do you call the condition where white blood cell production is out of control?

29. Which of the formed elements of the blood is responsible for coagulation (blood clotting)?

30. What are the different blood types in the ABO blood group and what determines the differences?

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