The kinetic energy of a pendulum-mechanical energy

1- the kinetic energy of a pendulum is greatest

A- when its potential energy is greastest
B- at the bottom of its swing
C- at the top of its swing
D- when its total energy is greatest

2- which of the following four objectshas the greatest kinetic energy?

a- an object of a mass mmoving with speed 4v
b- an object of a mass 3m moving withspeed 2v
c- an object of a mass 4m movingwith speed v
d- an object of a mass 2m movingwith speed 3v
e- none of these, all four objectshave equal kinectic energy

3- work requires

a- motion
b- zero momentum
c- zero net force
d- force perpendicular to the directionof motion

4- if u lift a 10-N weight vertically10m above the ground you are

a- doing work against gravity
b- doing work against inertia
c- doing work against friction
d- doing none of these

5- a child swings on a 14m rope. Thehighest point of her swing is 3.0m above the ground. When the childat the lowest point 1.0m above the ground , her speed isgreatest.

A- true
B- false

6-mechanical energy

a- is always the total energy ofa system.
b- is the sum of the energies of motionand position
c- is always conserved
d- necessarily involves gravitational potential energy

7- the average adult radiates heatenergy at the same rate as

a- a 100W light bulb
b- a 10W light bulb
c- A 100 kW light bulb
d- none of these

8- the largest reserve of energy in theU.S. is in the form of
a- oil        b-coal          c-natural gas         d-nuclear

9- Temperature is a relative measure of
a- latent heat     b- hotness andcoldness   c- internal energy d- specificheat

10- the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a gas is ameasure of
a- volume   b- density    c-temperature   d- heat content

11- a change of phase takes place at a constant
a- volume b- temperature c- heat d-pressure

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