Solution-Which members of tbacteria used to prouce most of

1. Which members of tbacteria are used to prouce most of the antibiotics used in medicine today?

A) cyanobacteria B) actinomycetes C) spirochaetes D) archaebacteria

2. Bacterial cells that have spherical shapes are given the name

A) bacillus B) coccus C) spirillum D) none of these

3. A baceria that has a ceel wall composed of chemicals that readily absorb certain chemical lab dye and become stained are called

A) gram -positive bacetria B) gram-negative bacteria
C) archaebacteria D) none of these

4. What is the correct order for the taxons of life from most general to most specific? will be a boy?

A) kingdom, phylum, order, class, family, species, genus
B) phylum, kindom, class, order, genus, family, species
C) kindom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
D) class, phylum, order, kingdom, family, genus, species

5. What two organisms listed below are the most closely related?

A) pan troglodyte and zea mays
B) zea mays and canis lupus
C) canis lupus and folis domestica
D) felis domestica and pan troglodyte
E) canis familiaris and canis lupus

6. what is a close estimate of the number of classified organisms on the planet?

A) 100, 000 B) 500, 00 C) 2 million D) 20 million

7. What binomla nomenclature name for human beings is written correctly below?

A) Homo Sapien B) homo Sapein C) Homo sapien D) Homo sapien

8. What is the normal genetic condition of a human zygote?

A) Monoploid B) Haploid C) Diploid D) A and B E) none of these

9. In humans, the process of fertilization normally takes place in what structure?

A) Vigina B) Oviduct C) Uterus D) Ovary

10. Each human gamete contains
A) The diploid number of chromosomes
B) 45 chromosomes
C) 23 chromosomes
D) 23 genes

11. True of false: Mendel’s genetics are a form of blending inheritance
A) True B) False

Fill in the blanks for questions 12-17:

Possible answers for 11-16:

A. morphs B. recombinants C. pleiotrophy 1 D) epistasis

E. locus F. aIDress G. combination H. linkage group

I. alleles J. incomplete dominance K. codominance

12. Where a gene is found ___________________________________?

13. One gene interferes with or masks the effect of another gene ____________________

14. Genes that tend to stay together on a chromosome during meiosis_________________

15. Gene has multiple effets on phenotype as in Marfanss syndrome_________________

16.Genes for human blood types show this____________________________________

17. Genes for flower color in snapdragons and petunias are examples of this___________

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