Solution-Presence of tryptophan, 1. In the presence of

Biology Practice Quiz:

1. In the presence of tryptophan, the trp operon is turned_______________.

2. The site on the operon that can control the biding of the RNA polymerase is called the ____________.

3. The laco operon is an ___________operon. The enzyme_______________for lactose degredation  is expressed from this operon.

4. Low glucose is bacteria results in the increased production of_________. This messenger binds to a protein called__________which acts as a transcription factor to assist in RNA polymerase binding and transcription.

5. Circle the correct choice: Acetylation of histones increases/decreases their association with DNA and transcription.

6. Fill in the blanks regarding DNA condensing: Euchoromatin ?heterochomatin ?______________?______________chromatid.

7. The distal control sequence of a eukaryotic gene are called____________.

8. The core promoter of bacteria and eukaryotes contains a conserved sequence of nucleotides and is known as the ____________. It is the site of __________binding

9. Eukaryotic promoters contain three important sequence regions-name Two.

10. Recruitment and binding of RNA polymerase II to the core promoter is done by protein called ________________.

11. Bacterial and eukaryotic RNA polymerases are made of 4 core proteins-2 alpha and 2 beta-plus an aIDitional factor critical for binding to the DNA-called the____________.

12 Name two functions of the 3’UTR.

13. Polyadenlation requires two regions within the 3’UTR-the polyadenylation signal and the polydenylation site. At which one is the RNA cut for the aIDition of the polyA tail?

14. Give the order in which snRNPs bind the mRNA to create the spliceosome. Which one cuts the RNA to remove the intron?

15. Folding of the polypeptide chain can be performed within a protein complex called a___________. If the protein is NOT folded correctly it can be tagged and degraded within another protein complex called a _____________.

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