Solution-Possible energy from photosynthetic algae

1. Define in your own words the following terms; illustrate as appropriate.


Potential energy;

Kinetic energy:





Carbon Fixation

2. If you eat a candy bar and go for a long walk, not all the calories (energy) from the candy bar are used to power your walk.  What happens to the chemical energy from the food that is not used for your movement?

3. If you wanted to get the most possible energy from photosynthetic algae, should you eat algae directly or feed algae to a cow, and then eat a burger made from that cow?  Explain your answer.

4. Explain the steps of photosynthesis.

Light “Photo” reactions:

Carbon “Synthesis” reactions:

Where in the cell do the light reactions occur? (Be specific)

Where do the carbon synthesis reactions occur?               

What is used to power the carbon synthesis reactions? 

Where does this substance get its energy?

Where does the O­2 given off by the photosynthesis reactions come from?

Where do the C atoms come from to produce glucose?

5.  The pigment chlorophyll is green because green light is reflected by the pigment.  What colors of light are absorbed strongly by the chlorophyll molecule to be used during the light reaction of photosynthesis?

1.  Complete the table to answer the following: What are the three energy-containing macromolecules and approximately how much energy does each contain? What are the smaller molecules into which each macromolecule is broken down during digestion? 



Energy content (Calories/gram)










2. When we take in more energy that we need the body stores energy in energy storage molecules – glycogen and fat (triglycerides). Compare and contrast glycogen and fat as energy storage molecules by completing the table.



Fat (Triglycerides)

Excess molecules used to build



Where stored



Order in which stored (First/second)



Ease of breakdown (easiest/hardest)



Amount of energy stored (must/least)



Order in which used (first/second)



3. Our cells carry out a complex process of energy conversion resulting in the production of ATP, the single molecule that acts as energy “currency” for all living things. 

How does ATP store energy?

How is energy released from ATP?

What are the uses of ATP?  What do we use ATP For?

4. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen to break down energy-rich food molecules and store their energy in the form of ATP. List the major inputs and outputs of aerobic respiration.

Input molecules:

Output (product) molecules:

5. Complete the table to compare and contrast the three stages of aerobic respiration:




Outputs other than energy

Energy (ATP)






Citric Acid Cycle





Electron Transport





Briefly describe each stage of aerobic respiration:


Citric Acid Cycle:

Electron Transport:

6.  The body needs and can produce ATP even without oxygen (or insufficient oxygen). Complete the table to compare and contrast stages of anaerobic respiration.




Outputs other than energy

Energy (ATP)











Briefly describe each stage of anaerobic respiration:



7.  Photosynthesis and aerobic respiration form a cyclic relationship.  Describe the relationship between photosynthesis and aerobic respiration in term of their respective inputs and outputs?

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