Sexual morality

Sexual morality

Paper instructions:
Dialogue paper project

Part 1: the dialogue and the dialogue report

You will engage in a dialogue with someone who is not in the class. In the dialogue you should discuss each of the ethical topics that are the focus of this class:
1.    Euthanasia
2.    Sexual morality
3.    Punishment and the death penalty
4.    Biotechnology
5.    Violence/war
6.    Global justice
Paper part 1: dialogue report and evaluation of the dialogue  and that has to be (at leas 1.000 word)

The report/write up is not a transcript. It is a summary and evaluation

The report should include:
1.    a description of the dialogues in a page or two: where, who when, etc. explain why these people were chosen €“ whether they have any relevant expertise or what you hoped to learn from them.
2.    Your anlaysis/ evaluation of the opinions of your partners. This is the substantial part of the paper and should be a few pages. You must demonstrate that you have learned something from this course. You must connect the analysis of your partner’s arguments to the authores/ideas we have discussed in the class. Demonstrating knowledge of course material is essential.

Your paper should be draw critical conclusions about the dialogues including
. Do you agree or disagree with what partners said.. why?
. What arguments could have been better€¦ how?
. What basic frameworks or ideas do your partners use or agree with?
. which authors would your partners agree with? Disagree with?
. did you learn anything from your partners?
. Did they learn anything from you?

Preparing for the dialogues

You should prepare a list of questions in advance. For example€¦

#  Should euthanasia or assisted suicide be legal? Is euthanasia?(active or passive) morally permissible? What about for a brain damaged or brain-dead persons-can they be killed? Would you want to be killed or allowed to die? In what circumstances? How does your thinking about this topic relate to key values such as respect for autonomy , reducing suffering, love of neighbor, human rights, etc? How does your thinking about this relate to your thinking about other issues such as biotechnology? Health care and medical fronties?

# Should people be permitted to do whatever they want with their own bodies: tattoos piercing, sex changes, breast augmentation, and plastic surgery? Would it be fair to enhance your cognitive ability or athletic ability through drugs or surgeries? What about disabled people€”- should they be permitted to enhance their bodies abilities? Are you worried about eugenic implications? Is technology helping us hurting us what are the key values in your thinking about this topic? How does your thinking about this relate to your thinking about other topics€”-for example euthanasia suicide?

You should plane to provide your partners with different examples, ideas, and argument that have been discussed in class€”-and ask them what they think about things.

For example; you might tell them about recent advances in euthanasia law, gay marriage, biotechnology, etc.

You should plan to follow up with critical questions and discussion.
1.    Ask them why think the way they do
2.    Ask them to imagine the implications of their ideas
3.    Ask them relate their arguments to other topics and issues

You may organize the dialogue in any fashion that works for you and your schedule.
1.    You may meet once or at different times
2.    You may use phone, skype, or email to do the dialogue

Ideally, you should pick a partner who you suspect will have different ideas and points of view from yourself; or partners who have relevant expertise.
1.    a dialogue is more interesting when it involves a diversity of ideas
2.    But it is also useful to explore thinking of family elders, clergy, and professors€¦

If there is too much agreement, you should paly the devil’s advocate and raise objections and arguments that disagree in order to explore ideas on the other of side of things.

Be polite and courteous. You might offer to provide them with a copy of the paper when you are done!

Your partner can remain anonymous. Ask them what they prefer.

Paper Part 2: your thesis(approx.. 2,000 words)

Defend your won thesis about each of the two topics, including, whether yu agree or disagree with your dialogue partner. Remember that you must discuss each of the topics for the course.
A.    What is your thesis/argument about each topic?
B.    What is your basic ethical framework (utilitarian, deontological, natural law. etc )?
C.    What is your conclusion about each of the topics
D.    Which authors and ideas do you agree or disagree with
E.    How do you reply to counter-arguments/objections?
F.    How does your own opinion connect with those of your dialogue partners
G.    Conclude with a summary of your own argument and a short discussion of what you learned from the dialogue and from writing the paper with regard to contemporary conflicts of morals
H.    Your paper should be double-spaced, 12 point font, reasonable margins and you should include works cited if you consult outside sources. However, the use of outside sources is discouraged

Here is some info you need for writing the paper: partner is my roommate Tom  and pretend that you ask and get info from him ! have fun !
2.The book’s name is Ethics Theory and Contemporary Issues eight edition
3.some authors that we have discussed in class J Gay- williams and james rachels  in euthanasia, John Corvino in  Sexual morality and other authors in the other 4 topics.

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