Rna polymerase binds to the operator

1.True or false: In a DNA molecule, the bases are covalently bonded to each other. 

2.True or false: During DNA replication, the strands of parent DNA are unwound. 

3.True or false: The function of messenger RNA (mRNA) is to transfer amino acids to the ribosomes during protein synthesis. 

4.True or false: The Genetic Code varies from species to species. 

5.True or false: The completion of the Human Genome Project allowed us to sequence all of the human genome and to know the function of all of the genes. 

6.In __________ every three bases is a/an _____________ that codes for a/an _____________. 

7.True or false: During translation, the anti codon of t RNA pairs with bases in mRNA. 

8.The removal of a nucleotide from a gene in the DNA leads to a _______________. 

9.True or false: Cloning is a natural process for some organisms. 

10. True or false: Lactose metabolizing enzymes are produced when RNA polymerase binds to the operator on the lac operon in the absence of lactose. 

11.If one strand of DNA has the following sequence: CGGCTAATCGCC, what would the sequence of the complimentary strand be? 

12.If the codon of an mRNA strand is UGC, the anticodon of the tRNA would be ___________ and the amino acid, ____________, will be aIDed to the growing peptide chain. 

13.True or false: In a normal cell, Ras is a continuously active protein that functions in signaling pathways, several of which promote the cell cycle. 

14.True or false: Chorionic villi sampling (CVS) is a much safer procedure than amniocentesis because CVS is done later in pregnancy.  

15.True or false: Transcriptional control is the most important level of gene control. 

16.X-linked recessive disorders often pass from grandfather to granIDaughter. 

17.True or false: After it is synthesized, mRNA may linger in the nucleus before moving into the cytoplasm. 

18.True or false: Two parents are affected with a genetic disorder. They produce an unaffected child. The disorder is likely transmitted as an auto so mal dominant trait. 

19.True or false: An enhancer region of DNA is adjacent to the promoter. 

20.True or false: The only two methods by which fetal cells can be obtained for testing are amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling. 

21.What purpose does a cell-signaling pathway serve in a multi cellular organism? 

22.True or false: Some genetic mutations can be determined by testing for proteins. 

23.True or false: A regulatory gene codes for a protein that activates the genes in an operon. 

24.True or false: Cancer cells show a high degree of contact inhibition. 

25.The major way in which therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning differ is what? 

26.True or false: Proto-onco genes may code for growth factors. 

27.True or false: Telomerase is highly active in cancer cells. 

28.True or false: Angio gensis is not a suspected cause of cancer. 

29.True or false: A karyo type can be done using any cell in the body. 

30.True or false: An exchange of chromosomal segments between two non homologous chromosomes is a/an translocation. 

31.In a duplication, a person has more than two alleles for a certain trait. 

32.In an auto so mal dominant genetic disorder, if both parents have the disorder, what is the chance that their sons will have the disorder? 

33.A male has a particular X-linked recessive genetic disorder. His partner is normal, but her father had the disorder. What is the chance that their sons will have the disorder? 

34.Phenyl keton uria (PKU) is an auto so mal Phenyl keto nuria (PKU) is an auto so mal recessive disorder. If a woman who does not have PKU gives birth to a child who has PKU, which of the following men, based on this information alone, could not be the father of the child?

35.True or false: An abnormality in DNA sequence used in a test to determine an abnormal allele is called a genetic marker. 

36.True or false: A genetic profile can detect mutations in a person’s genes. 

37.The insertion of genetic material into human cells for treatment of a disorder is called what? 

39.What is the difference between ex vivo gene therapy and in vivo gene therapy? 

40.True or false: Ultrasound images determine the karyotype of the fetus. 

41.An autosomal recessive disorder that occurs among all ethnic groups, in which chloride ions fail to pass through a plasma membrane channel protein in the cells and leads these patients to develop thick mucus in their bronchial tubes and pancreatic ducts is ________. 

42.What disorders are present only in males and are passed from father to all sons but not to daughters. 

43.True or false: mRNA processing occurs after transcription. 

44.A testable explanation of a broad range of related phenomena that is relied upon by scientists with a high degree of confidence is referred to as ________. 

45.The smaller unit molecules (monomers) which combine to form proteins and polypeptides are called ____________. 

46.Enzymes, some hormones, and structural molecules like keratin and collagen are examples of ______________. 

47.An atom that has gained or lost electrons is referred to as _______________. 

48.Cell membranes consist of _____________. 

49.Which transport mechanism requires ATP to move materials across a plasma membrane? 

50.A cell is placed in a solution.  If the cell is observed to shrink, the solution must be _________________ relative to the interior of the cell. 

51.What are the 1st and 2nd energy laws? 

52.In higher cells, cellular (aerobic) respiration with production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is carried out in the _______________. 

53.Meiosis differs from mitosis because _______________. 

54.Leaves are green because ____________. 

55.Many human traits such as eye color and height are controlled by _______________. 

56. ______________ is a nucleic acid base found in ribonucleic acid (RNA) but not in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). 

57.The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method of ________________. 

58.The normal complement of sex chromosomes for a human male is ___________. 

59.An allele is ____________. 

60.A visual display of metaphase chromosomes arranged by size, shape, and banding pattern is ______. 

61.The part of an enzyme that “fits” its substrate is called its __________ site. 

62.True or false: recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (rDNA) technology estimates the age of a rock sample. 

63.True or false: A mutation of a tumor suppressor gene is most likely to cause a cell to become cancerous.



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