Reflective model incorporated and outstanding evidence

Part A: Pharmacology Log (200 words) 

Complete the following chart for the medications listed. 

Pharmacology Log 
Brand/Generic Name Use Patient Dose/ Frequency 
Pharmacopeia dose. Nursing Indication Adverse effects 

Part B: Diagnostic/Nursing Procedures Log (400 words) 

The diagnostic/nursing procedures log will enable students to keep a record of different hospital diagnostic/nursing procedures and their uses in the specialty areas. Students will choose four (4) diagnostic/nursing procedures from the list provided below. The information expected for each diagnostic/nursing procedure is: 

1. Name of diagnostic/nursing procedures, 
2. how, why and what it is used for (e.g. include scientific underpinnings), 
3. advantages for the patient, 
4. adverse effects, 
5. Issues to consider/important safety considerations where relevant. 

Diagnostic/nursing procedures 
Diagnostic/nursing procedures 
Cardiac enzyme markers Abnormal lung sounds 
Urinalysis Positioning of ECG leads 
Normal blood gases. 
Locating and taking an Apex beat 
Normal fluid input and output Inspection, auscultation, percussion and palpation 
Vital signs Pain assessment scales 
Glasgow coma scale ISBAR 
Capillary refill DETECT 
Oedema Scale (Pitting oedema). Pulse points 

Part C : Reflective journal and evaluation of clinical experience Critical thinking and analysis: Relates to self-appraisal, professional development and the value of evidence and research for practice. Reflecting on practice, feelings and beliefs and the consequences of these for individuals/groups is an important professional benchmark (ANMAC National Competency Standard for Registered Nurses 4th ed. 2006). 

1. You are required to write a short reflective journal, on your experience of aseptic technique during your elective clinical placement. 

? The journal is to be made up of several entries. This journal will describe new challenges and experiences related to aseptic technique that the student has encountered in the specialty setting. (approximately 300words) 

2. Read the scenario below titled Administration of an S8 medication without checking and forging a signature. 

? Use a recognised model of reflection, your experiences of medication administration and current research to discuss this scenario and how it can be prevented from occurring again. (700 words) 

Part C: Scenario – Administration of an S8 medication without checking and forging a signature 

A registered nurse was working night duty in a hospital and at approximately 0415 hours administered prescribed S8 medication to two patients for severe pain. The drug was not checked or countersigned at the time nor was there a witness to the administration. The drug count was found to be incorrect at the end of shift at 0700 hours. 

The incorrect count was reported to the After Hours Nurse Manager who asked the registered nurse who they had checked the drug with, to which the reply was ‘the enrolled nurse, had checked the drug’. This was denied by the enrolled nurse and subsequently the registered nurse admitted forging the enrolled nurse’s signature. The hospital notified both the Nurses and Midwifery Board and the Health Care Complaints Commission. 

Adapted from an article titled ‘Administration of an S8 medication without checking and forging a signature’. This article was based on a tribunal case before the Nurses and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMB Update issue 4 March 2006 page 30). 


Word Limit: 1500 words. 
Presentation: Your response will be set out in essay format you may use headings and include the use of charts, tables, and discussion/explanations etc all of which are required to be referenced appropriately. 

Resources: You have been equipped with some relevant articles as part of the unit readings. However there is an expectation that students will have read wider than these resources to ensure information is relevant and current. 
Referencing: Written content, diagrams, charts, images or links shall be referenced according to APA referencing style.

Marking criteria: 

Clinical Learning Objectives: 20 marks 
All are specific to clinical area 
All are realistic and/or achievable learning objectives 
Related strategies to achieve the learning objectives are realistic, and comprehensive. Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the clinical environment 

Diagnostic Log: 

Information linked to diagnostic/ 
nursing procedures provided. 
Insightful, holistic, accurate & appropriate information provided about the diagnostic/nursing procedures. Accurate description of the indications for use and all points aIDressed in a comprehensive manner. 

Reflective Journal and Evaluation: 

Reflective model incorporated and outstanding evidence of growth and awareness through reflective writing 
Excellent level of knowledge and insight to the complexities of the speciality environment 
Comprehensive and appropriate evidence-based practice. 
Implications for clinical practice identified 
Presentation and APA 
Flawless presentation. 
APA referencing.

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