Read Chapter 14 of Boswell and Cannon’s book, Introduction to nursing research. Then discuss the process you used and things you considered when reviewing you plan. Minimum 250 words with no more than 500.

Read Chapter 14 of Boswell and Cannon’s book, Introduction to nursing research.  Then discuss the process you used and things you considered when reviewing you plan.  Minimum 250 words with no more than 500.

Link to Chapter 14:

Below is what I will be researching:

Nursing Research Plan

Methodology Summary

A study will be conducted among Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses to elucidate knowledge on assessments for delirium.  Delirium has three subsets; they include hyperactive, hypoactive, as well as mixed symptom delirium (Rice et al., 2011).  The study will provide a flow sheet to be used as a guide for detecting especially hypoactive delirium in ICU patients followed by a second survey to assess the ICU nurses’ position of the flow sheet.  The final stage of the study will involve assessing the impact of the research.


P €“ ICU patients

I €“ CAM (Confusion Assessment Method)-ICU Flow sheet

C €“ Undirected Assessment

O €“ Improved detection of hypoactive delirium

T €“ Duration of hospital stay

Research Question

In ICU patients, does the CAM-ICU flow sheet improve detection of hypoactive delirium compared to undirected assessment in the duration of hospital stay?

Research Plan

Evidenced-based practice (EBP) involves a process where substantiated evidence forms the basis for providing holistic nursing care.  The outlined methodology of the proposed research study is consistent with that of providing holistic nursing care.  The research is patient-oriented rather than being laboratory-based research.  Nursing expertise is used to guide the outcomes of the study into creating comprehensive care (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).  Assessment of the effectiveness of the results requires identification of both short-term and long-term goals.  The final stage involves the evaluation of the application of the research findings, generating more areas of research or even necessary knowledge adaptations that ensures achievement of all objectives in an efficient manner.

The first stage is the fundamental stage of research that focuses or gathering data.  The outlined methodology involves conducting a survey of ICU nurses on their knowledge about delirium and associated management.  Maximizing expertise on assessing ICU patients for delirium can provide appropriate interventions and patient care.  Providing new information to nurses is vital to improving outcomes.  The methodology is systematic and follows an identified problem that has its basis in literature findings (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).  When based on EBP patient-oriented care will continue to evolve and improve.

According to Boswell and Cannon (2014), the second stage involves utilization of the outcomes of the fundamental research to formulate best practices of patient care.  In the outline methodology, the second phase includes preparing a flow sheet for the nurses to use when assessing for delirium in patients.  According to Boswell and Cannon (2014), new skills are incorporated in the care of patients.  In the reviewed methodology, nurses are shown how to assess for delirium cases using more efficient tools.  The flow sheet will show ICU nurses that types of delirium are easy to miss and for what reasons.  Research information relating to bedside practices ensures better patient assessments and therefore optimal management.

The objectives in this stage fit into the acronym SMART indicating that the objectives are specific, measurable, action-oriented, and realistic as well as time-oriented (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).  From the methodology, it is clear what the findings of the study are intended to achieve for both long-term and short-term objectives.  The short-term objective focuses on detecting any gaps that may be present in the ICU nurses ability to recognize delirium especially hypoactive delirium, while the long-term objective is to improve knowledge and patient outcomes.

The final stage involves assessing the impact of the research such as length of ICU and hospital stay, morbidity and mortality data, etc.  For research results to be useful, continued evaluation is required.  For this study, the methodology indicates that the last phase of the research is to evaluate the impact of the study (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).  Assessment of the effectiveness of the research is a prerequisite stage.  The results of the evaluation will consider areas of implementation that require modification to achieve the desired objectives.  Given that the focus is on patients, there are bound to be variations encountered in the survey.  The assessment is meant to capture deviations and ensure appropriate measures are implemented.

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