Multiple choice questions – basic genetics

  1. A population is reproductively isolated. Which of the following is primarily responsible for the introduction of new alleles at genetic loci into the population?

(a)Independent assortment during meiosis

(b)Germ line mutations

(c)Assortive mating


(e)Somatic cell mutations


2. A haplotype in a given chromosomal region will be passed on intact to progeny unless:

(a)Crossing over occurs

(b)Aneuploidy occurs

(c)Independent assortment occurs

(d)The region is X linked and X chromosome inactivation has occurred.

(e)The region is Y linked and the gamete is sperm.


3. A given allele that results in a disease state in humans may nevertheless be propagated in the population because:

(a)The disease has a late onset, typically after affected individuals have already reproduced.

(b)An individual heterozygous for the disease allele and a wild-type allele has a reproductively selective advantage.

(c)It impairs reproductive fitness but not individual fitness.

(d)A and b

(e)All of the above


4. In a human population, the genotype frequencies at one locus are 0.5 AA, 0.4 Aa, and 0.1 aa. The frequency of the A allele is:

a) 0.20.

b) 0.32.

c) 0.50.

d) 0.70.

e) 0.90.

5. The heterozygote genotype frequency term for a gene with two alternate alleles A (frequency of p) and a (frequency of q) in the Hardy-Weinberg equation is:

  1. p2
  2. q2
  3. 2pq
  4. (p+q)
  5. P+2pq+q2

6. Human albinism is an autosomal recessive trait. Suppose that you find a village in the Andes where 1/4 of the population is albino. If the population size is 1000 and the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium with respect to this trait, how many

individuals are expected to be heterozygotes?

a) 50

b) 250

c) 300

d) 500

e) 750

7. The genetic frequencies of two separate populations are:





Population 1




Population 2




a)What are the genotypic frequencies of the two populations?

b)What are the allele frequencies?

c)Are the populations in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?



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