. How Japan has compensated for its limited physical resource to achieve a high level of economic development.

. How Japan has compensated for its limited physical resource to achieve a high level of economic development.
This has been made possible by its government activism in national planning and implementation of fiscal and monetary policies. Japan has also achieved the economic development by merging and coupling industries and private ownership of assets with proper management. More so, Japan has a high labor force relative to its population where workers have job security and all are educated. The nurturing of employee and employer relationship has aided in developing the economy.
2. Rising sun in Japan
The term rising sun refers to the rising of the sun in Japan. The sun rises from the east and Japan situated to the east, the sun seemed to rise from Japan then spread out to the rest of Asia thus Japan is referred as “The land of the Rising Sun”
3. Why Japan is isolated from Great Britain
The location of Japan in a wide geographical and cultural gulf has made Japan to be isolated From Great Britain. Japan is also considered a minor power than the Great Britain, thus experiencing isolation.
4. Reasons why Japan population lives in small area
This is because Japan is a mountainous country with sixty five per cent of its area covered by forests. This prevents settlement due to steepness of the land thus populations are dense at the flat terrains (Chaurasia, 2003).
5. Burakumin of Japan
Burakumin are people who were discriminated to reside to Buraku people reside. They are referred to as the hamlet people who are the village people who lived in the edges of towns rather than the towns.
6. Indian group
The Burakumin are often compared to the Untouchables of India also known as the Hirajans. In the traditional Indian society they were of the lowest caste in Hindu groups
7. Criticism of South Korea
The nation receives criticism for the low wages resorted to workers leading to people living in poverty levels despite the nation’s efficient labor force. The government has also failed to recognize the trade unions created in the public sector.
8. The sunshine policy in South Korea
This is a policy launched by President Kim Dae Jung of South Korea, which focused on the bilateral interaction between North and South Korea to promote peace, co-operation, and reconciliation (Joo & Kwak, 2001).
9. Effects of the sunshine policy
The policy has resulted to North Korea dismissal of testing missiles. The North Korea has then since allowed USA to inspect its suspected nuclear weapons plants. The policy has resulted to South Korea touring North Korea especially in Mt. Kumgang.
1. The major regions of Mexico
Mexico is situated at the central of the American Continent, it has several regions with the major being; Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Southern Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula, Baja California Peninsula, Central Pacific Mexico and South Pacific Mexico. The Southern region of Mexico is considered the poorest region, Chiapas being the poorest state.
2. Maquiladora
A Maquiladora can be defined as a foreign owned assembling plant, which is allowed to import equipment needed to produce goods tax-free. Maquiladora can be located anywhere in Mexico though location along 100km to the border is restricted. The major Maquiladora cities are; Tijuana, Laredo, Juarez, Matamoros and Nuevo.
In the present day Maquiladora produce goods such as; foot wear and leather goods, food, electric and electronics, furniture, wood and metal products, machinery and tools, textile and apparel, sporting goods, chemicals and transportation equipment.
3. Negative aspects of Maquiladora in Mexico
Maquiladoras have impacted negative impacts in Mexico such as pollution along the borders, child labor has taken place since 12 to14 year old persons fake documents so as to work for the working age is 16 years. Maquiladoras have led to an economic imbalance since populations migrate to the borders to work thus agricultural activities declines. The health of most Mexican women has declined due to emotional and psychological stresses of working in a Maquiladora.
Maquiladoras have been suffered criticism from the Americans. Critics argue that migration of large numbers of workers to the border region where Maquiladoras are located has deprived the agriculture sector in Mexico. It has been claimed that there has been increased pollution in the border especially by the automated Maquiladora as against the American environmental regulation.
4. Agricultural development in Mexico
The three phases targeting agricultural development in Mexico are; improving incentive policies, promoting agricultural markets and enterprises and strengthening agriculture technology. The major contributions were the promoting efficiency in trade and competitiveness in the agriculture markets, food production and security with improved nutritional status was improved and the innovation of modernized agriculture through technology (Stacy, 2002).
5. Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico became part of USA on March 2, 1917 when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones Act, which implemented Puerto Rico to become a territory of the United States. The following year, 1918 an earthquake occurred accompanied by a tsunami. Events that took place included war with Spain and assassination of President William McKinley. In the present day, Puerto Rico is referred to as Common Wealth of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has a population of 3.9 million with the majority being US citizens thus favoring Puerto Rico as a US state.

Chaurasia, R. S. (2003). History of Japan. New Delhi Atlantic Publishers & Dist,
Joo, S.H. and Kwak, T. H. (2001). Korea in the 21st century. New York: Nova Publishers.
Stacy, L. (2002). Mexico and the United States. New York: Marshall Cavendish

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