How does excessive heating in a work environment, noise and lighting levels influence workers, and potentially they get injured?

UAE H&S Assignment 3

 This link will give you access to data which you will need to investigate the tasks

Task 1: (LO4: 4.1)


Evaluate evidence that would specify the existence of a risk or risks, in your response include:

  • Evidence to support the likelihood of or reoccurrence of a risk

use of statistical data e.g. fatigue charts, working hours, temperature, lighting levels, noise, incorrect procedures, working practices, time of day.

  • Develop the reasoning behind undertaking a risk assessment, identifying the risks
  • What reduces the possibility of exposure to the risk, changes to the process and lastly engineering controls. LEV and natural ventilation
  • How many people get injured at work when they tired? (Data from HSE)
  • How many people get injured at work working excessive hours, overtime? (Data from HSE) occupational asthma
  • How does excessive heating in a work environment, noise and lighting levels influence workers, and potentially they get injured, (Data from HSE)

Evaluate: – Bring together all of your information and make a judgement on the importance or success of something.

Task 2: (LO4: 4.2, D2)


Analyse the implications of the risk and the effect on life, property and activities. Your response should include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the implications of the risk e.g. threat to life, injuries, property, environment, need to redesign, effect on company, effect on other companies; mandatory factory closure.

Analyse and identify the relevant factors that apply, and show how they are linked and explain the importance of each.

Safe systems of work

Data sheets

How can we redesign something to make it safer?

What can happen if the working environment is not safe enough for employees,

Task 3: (LO4: 4.3)


Obtain and use accurate information on the risk for the protection of others. Your response should include:

Use of data about the risk to others e.g. data sheets on substances, factory rules, codes of practice; safe working procedures, hazard identification e.g. hard hat area; training procedures for new staff and contractors.

Data sheets have evolved into important document, especially when using chemicals.  What is a data sheet, and how does the information contained in a data sheet protect workers?

How does getting the workers to understand the significance of a data sheet protect them?

What is a hazard identification checklist, and how does the this influence the type of training needs that are required for new and existing staff, contractors?

Task 4: (LO4: 4:4, M2, M3, D1, D2)


Produce a report on how best to minimise the risk to people, property and activities and recommend effective methods of implementation and control. Your response must cover the following headings:

Minimising risk: how best to minimise risk e.g. control of known risks, guarding, covering, screening, encasing, design-out, disaster contingence planning.

Implementation: identification of effective methods of control e.g. management policy, lines of communication, responsibility, safety committees and trade union input.

Write a report about how to best minimise or controls known risks.

  1. Why do we need to control a risk – because of the risk/dangers associated with the task, someone could get injured or killed?
  1. Describe how we control the risk when we are electric arc welding, what do we do to protect ourselves and others from what? Think of everything and write report, include diagrams to support your argument.
  1. What are management policies, what are safety committees, the lines of communicating important information, what method do we use to communicate information. Toolbox talks, training, staff development



Task 5: (LO4 4:5, M1)


Identify routes and methods of implementation within a company to ensure that compliance with codes of practice and regulations pertaining to the risk are fully understood. Your response must cover the following heading:

Compliance: identification of the levels of knowledge of regulations and guidelines; mandatory compliance with current and relevant regulations e.g. Health and Safety at Work Act, Deposit of Poisonous Waste Act, EMC directive; working towards company risk assessment findings.

Methods of ensuring compliance when undertaking specific activities, what is compliance and what are the benefits?

When undertaking activities with specific risks attached, the risks associated with the activities, fully understood.

To include HASAWA, Deposit of poisonous waste act, EMC directive, working

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