fast food impacts

fast food impacts
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Fast Food Impacts

Agatston, Arthur. The South Beach diet: the delicious, doctor-designed, foolproof plan for fast and healthy weight loss. Emmaus, Penn.: Rodale :, 2003. Print.
The author discusses ways of mitigating obesity and other illnesses related to weight. He points out that fast foods are the most notorious in making people obese and weight gain. According to a survey titled obesity, fast foods contain extremely high calorie content. Excess calories lead to weight gain and in the end, a person becomes obese. The study concludes that fast foods are the greatest contributors to weight gain in New York.
Bishop, Marlene R.. Chocolate, fast foods, and sweeteners consumption and health. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2010. Print.
The author discusses the impact of fast foods and other related categories of food that are harmful to the health of individuals. Coupled with being cheap, being fast works to their advantage and therefore choose them for what they are; fast. Fast food restaurants even serve clients in their cars since most have what is commonly referred to as drive through’. The most evident advantage of fast food is that it saves time. In today’s fast-paced life, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal.
Pepper, Michael. Fast foods and short-order cooking. Peoria, Ill.: Bennett Pub. Co., 1984. Print.
The author claims that despite fast foods being great savers of time and energy, they may have great impact on both the physical and mental health of individuals. For fast food takers, the view of the foods on the stalls in the restaurant causes great anxiety to the affected individual. That type of anxiety makes a person lose control of how he spends his/her money. Being mentally healthy is generally having physical and emotional tranquility and any condition that does not sustain that balance is harmful for health.
Schlosser, Eric. Fast food nation: the dark side of the all-American meal. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001. Print.
The author discusses the American society and their relationship with fast food restaurants. He analyses the decline of the old type cooking and deterioration of the majority to using fast foods as staple food. The writer’s content does not seem to agree with most researcher’s findings today because of the time difference since publishing.
Donohoe, Martin. Public health and social justice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons, 2013. Print.
The author of the book gives a comprehensive analysis of impacts of fast foods to the health of the American public. He does not touch on any positive impact of fast foods but rather gives stern warning on physical mental and socio economic impacts of fast foods to the welfare of the country. The book is one of the most current sources that can be relied upon in analyzing the problem of fast foods.
Healey, Justin. Fast food. Thirroul, NSW, Australia: Spinney Press, 2012. Print.
The author takes time to look at the other side of the fast food drama. He explores some positive aspects of fast foods. Healthy alternatives are also offered in the fast food restaurants. With the greater population raising issues and doctors warning consumers at every turn against fast foods, most restaurants have come up with calorie reduction strategy, which is aimed at mitigating the effect of extra calories in their meals. The alternatives are more or less likely to be expensive but still cheaper compared to the main dishes and therefore work to the advantage of the consumer.
Goodall, Jane, Gary McAvoy, and Gail E. Hudson. Harvest for hope: a guide to mindful eating. New York: Warner Books, 2005. Print.
The books explores both sides of the argument surrounding the fast foods. He argues that it is the choice of individuals to take fast foods and therefore the restaurants should not be blamed for covering an existing gap in the economy. Most workers and travellers have little time to eat main dishes. During lunch hours, most workers are under pressure to resume or rush to complete unfinished assignments. Coupled with being cheap, being fast works to their advantage and therefore choose them for what they are; fast. Fast food restaurants even serve clients in their cars since most have what is commonly referred to as drive through’. The most evident advantage of fast food is that it saves time. In today’s fast-paced life, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal
Welland, Diane A.. The complete idiot’s guide to eating clean. New York, NY: Alpha Books, 2010. Print.
The book eliminates the restaurant from any blame emanating from eating fast foods. He uses several analogies to defend his argument that fast food are there to serve. He points out scenarios where fast foods have come in handy and goes ahead to claim that people are engaged in different economic activities and that explains why some take fast foods for every meal with little impact to their health. At some point he even encourages people to take fast foods wh
Smith, A. F. (2006). Encyclopedia of junk food and fast food. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
The book declares that eating junk foods by American is well known habit. In this book the author believes American s have passion for this kind of food. He states it is never ending appetite it is the result for many obese individuals in America in American society. He also states that emulation of this culture by other countries have led to spread of this habit globally.
Paul French, Matthew Crabbe Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation
The author of this book he gives study growth of obese individuals in the country. He believes this it is an indication that the China economy or there is health problem time bomb in future. He also states that fast foods in china have resulted to rise of many obese individuals in china. He also notes that the country has many obese-related illness cases recently compared to past.
By Leon Rappoport How We Eat: Appetite, Culture, and the Psychology of Food
The author of this book believes that fast foods still have an impact to traditional foods. He beliefs that the people tend to think that these foods are easy to prepare that making the fast food the better option. He goes further warns that these foods can erode the traditional foods thus harming the local economy


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