Explaining different concepts of the genetics

1) An oncogene is

a) A viral gene with no relation to the host cell’s genes.

b) Absent in human cancer cells.

c) A bacterial gene that causes cancer in the host.

d) A mutated form of a proto-oncogene

e) A gene that turns off cellular reproduction.

2) Apoptosis refers to cell death and

a) Can be programmed and is essential to normal development.

b) Is always biologically detrimental to an organism.

c) Is the accumulation of genetic errors.

d) Is a failure in the translation or transcription mechanism.

e) Is any failure of the genetic machinery to work correctly.

3) What is the function of a restriction enzyme in genetic engineering?

a) To carry DNA into a new cell

b) To cut DNA into fragments

c) To link together newly joined fragments of DNA

d) To make millions of copies of a specific segment of DNA

e) To separate fragments of DNA by their length and electrical chargesf

4) Plasmids are small accessory rings of ____ usually taken from ____.

a) RNA, animal cells

b) RNA, bacteria

c) DNA, animal cells

d) DNA, bacteria

e) DNA, plants

5) What is the function of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in genetic engineering?

a) To cut DNA into many fragments

b) To carry DNA into a new cell

c) To make millions of copies of a specific segment of DNA

d) To link together newly joined fragments of DNA

e) To separate fragments of DNA by their length and electrical charges

6) Free-living organisms in the environment that have had a foreign gene inserted into them are called

a) Ex vivo organisms.

b) In vivo organisms.

c) Intergenic organisms.

d) Transgenic organisms.

e) Transformable organisms.

7) A technique used to match evidence at a crime scene to a suspect would be

a) DNA probe.

b) Recombinant DNA technique.

c) Polymerase chain reaction.

d) DNA fingerprinting.

e) PCR followed by DNA fingerprinting.


8) The human genome is estimated to carry ____ genes.

a) 300

b) 3000

c) 30,000

d) 300,000

e) 3,000,000

9) Retroviruses

a) Are DNA viruses.

b) Are used to create genomic libraries.

c) Produce DNA in a host from their viral RNA genes.

d) Are used to carry recombinant DNA into plant cells.

10) The earliest forms of life on earth are found in rocks

a) 1 million years old.

b) 4 million years old.

c) 1 billion years old.

d) 3.5 billion years old.

e) 4.6 billion years old.


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