Best describes a karyotype-occurs during mitosis

1. Some cancer drugs such as vinblastine function by preventing formation of the mitotic spindle. The outcome is to ____________ of(in) cancerous cells.

A) prevent chromosomes coiling ready for duplication
B) reinstate the stop/start controls in the cell cycle
C) prevent chromosomes from producing chromatids
D) prevent homologous chromosomes lining up on the metaphase plate

2. Most of the cell cycle is spent in ________________ during which time the cell grows and performs normal functions.

A) interphase
B) S phase
C) G2 phase
D) M (mitotic) phase

3. When an organism is described as “haploid” this infers that its cells

A) each contain one set of chromosomes
B) each contain half a chromosome
C) each contain two sets of chromosomes
D) each contain an “Y” chromosome

4. During _________________ of meiosis chromatids of homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material.

A) prophase II
B) anaphase I
C) prophase I
D) anaphase II

5. In a cell containing 20 chromosomes the process of meiosis will result in ___ chromosomes in each cell.

A) 10
B) 20
C) 40
D) 30

6. Some fungi cells complete mitosis however they do not complete cytokinesis. This would result in

A) large nuclei containing many chromatids
B) large cells containing lots of nuclei
C) many cells each containing one nucleus
D) daughter cells identical to the original cell

7. Which of the following statements best describes a karyotype? A picture showing

A) most pairs of homologous chromosomes including sex chromosomes taken from a skin cell
B) pairs of homologous chromosomes taken from a sperm cell
C) all pairs of homologous chromosomes taken from a skin cell
D) pairs of homologous chromosomes taken from an egg cell

8. Which one of the following occurs during mitosis?

A) Chromosomes are duplicated
B) The cell grows
C) Organelles such as mitochondria are duplicated
D) Chromatids separate

9. The function of meiosis is to generate cells

A) that are identical to the original cell
B) to be used for asexual reproduction
C) to be used in sexual reproduction
D) to be used for tissue repair

10. The general body cells of a Koala bear contain 16 chromosomes. Completion of one cell cycle will result in ______ cell(s) (each) with _____ chromosomes.

A) one; 16
B) two; 32
C) two; 32
D) two; 16

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